Friday, May 16, 2008

The end of (another) era, or, Elegy on a Friday

Well, if we hadn't chatted up the plumber and the carpenter yesterday, the movement of furniture by facilities guys this afternoon would have alerted us to the sad truth: the Old Library Great Hall is scheduled for renovation. And not of the historic preservation kind.

Sure, it may not look like much these days...

...but the old circ desk was elegant, functional, and heavily used. In our dreams of manifest destiny, we saw Historical Collections & Archives reclaiming and repurposing this space for exhibits, perhaps, or just additional shelving. Now, it is slated for two storage areas, one equipped with freezers (whether of the party kind or the pathological kind remains to be seen).

An additional change will see the closet adjacent to the old Indexes & Abstracts Room turned into an ADA-compliant restroom (which begs the question of access to the second floor generally, since it is only accessible via two staircases, or the elevator in the closed-access stacks area).

For a few fast facts about the Old Library, check out one of my old posts. And now, a look back on the building's heyday:

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Janet said...

What a tragedy to use such a beautiful, historical space for storage! And where will they have receptions after events in the Auditorium?