Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dentists = 'Ballers

Yesterday, I had a good excuse (reference question) to spend some time going through 1930s-era issues of The Datter, the newsletter (and later annual) of the North Pacific College of Oregon, looking specifically at athletics--and more precisely, basketball. Who knew the dentists (and pharmacists) were such 'ballers?

In the age before extensive cable television coverage of every sports event, down to junior high and grade school leagues, sports highlights came a little slower. Take, for example, the March 1938 writeup of a game played on Feb. 15 of that year:
Clark Junior College of Vancouver, Wash., took the measure of the "molar grinders" on the Irvington court 39-26. Bill Fisher again emerged high point man, dropping in 14 points. The N.P.C. squad just couldn't seem to click against a much weaker opponent--although the Clark boys did display some excellent teamwork.
The Feb. 18 game apparently went a little better for the NPC team:
North Pacific College downed the highly favored Multnomah College quint on the Central Y.M.C.A. floor by a 40-38 score. It wasn't until the last minute that we finally forged ahead. The large crowd was on its feet throughout the last five minutes of play.

Rosenberg went wild, scoring 14 points, including 6 out of 9 free throws. This was one game where teamwork dominated. The Multnomah hoopsters were leading the Willamette Valley Conference at that time, making it quite a victory for N.P.C.
Stats are included for each player on each team for each game, giving the reader a complete picture of the event.

It wasn't all fun and basketball games, though, as The Datter itself shows. The first two pieces in that March 1938 issue are O.T. Dean's "Intra-septal alveolotomy", and "Facial neuralgias in relation to dentistry" by our favorite bad-boy neurosurgeon, A.J. McLean.

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