Thursday, March 13, 2008

Patient Records: What we do have

While we don't have the patient records from Morningside Hospital, there are some patient records and data on patients in our collections. These holdings are rather idiosyncratic, and since we often get requests for records that people assume should be here, a quick rundown of what we do have at present may be in order. (Of course, this represents what we know; unprocessed collections may yet contain additional records--check back if you have reason to suspect that an unprocessed collection might contain records of interest.)

Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital and University State Tuberculosis Hospital Collection, 2001-001
Some records of births, admissions, discharges, outpatient visits, and surgeries from the period 1939-1963.

Arthur J. McLean Collection, 2001-014
Patient records and case reports from 1929-1935. Interestingly, several pages of manuscripts for McLean's articles were written on the backs of patient records. That's not good HIPAA practice, I would think.

Ivan M. Wooley Collection, 2002-004
Ledger of visits from 1924.

Laurence Selling Records, 2004-017
Patient records for Selling's first 100 cases.

James A. Baker Collection, 2005-005
Patient records from 1936-1941, 1969-71, and 1976-77.

Doctor's Home Visit Ledger Records, 2005-023
Provenance unknown, listing home visits made in the years 1904-1907.

Herbert Merton Greene Papers, 2006-005
Patient records from circa 1930s.

Pediatric Patient Records: Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children and Outpatient Clinic, 2007-008
Unprocessed, but the collection name is fairly descriptive. Only one folder of data.

We do have a pretty cool handwritten Record of Deaths 1891-1901, which is a wonderful source for data on causes of death in Portland during that decade.

We also have many, many photographs of patients, from several units affiliated with OHSU and from individual physicians. Typically, patients are not identified on the photographs themselves, so there is no way to verify names.

For patient records from OHSU Hospital & Clinics, contact OHSU Health Information Services at 503-494-8556.

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