Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Fun: Tacky Tees

Well, ok, they really aren't that tacky, but I can't pass up a good alliterative scheme.

In my mailbox this morning was another sample of the OHSU Library's once-thriving t-shirt making activities. Thrice thrived, but none created since my tenure began in 2001. Whatever the cause of the decline of shirts-as-library-ads (Have we ceased to be interested in fashion? Have staff and student modes of dress changed drastically? Is it just that they don't make that great poly-cotton t-shirt fabric like they used to make in the 1970s anymore?) the heyday of library garb will forever be enshrined in Accession 2002-001, the OHSU Library T-Shirt Collection.

Far be it from me to belittle the historical importance of t-shirts. There are whole museums devoted to textiles (like The Textile Museum) and some which have large holdings of costumes (like the American Textile History Museum), and heck--even whole museums devoted to t-shirts (like another aptly named repository, The T-Shirt Museum. We're a literal lot, we museum folk.)

If you're ever interested in studying our t-shirt designs or fabrics--or in, say, modeling them in an historical fashion show--the collection stands at the ready.

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