Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Vesalius!

While we were looking both ways on Monday, the birthday of Andreas Vesalius slipped right by us. Born on December 31st in 1514, I'm sure he wouldn't be too upset that we missed his 493rd birthday by a few days....

In fact, December being the last month of the U.S. tax year, Vesalius' birthday is the same day as that of OHSU's copy of Vesalius' 1555 Fabrica--if by "birthday" we take the day on which the book was donated to the then-University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in 1980. A letter from donor Norman Holter, D.Sc., dated 12/29/80, noted that the book "will be taken from a bank tomorrow morning and mailed by priority mail to arrive the morning of 12/31/80." Pretty cool coincidence, isn't it?

So what is this book anyway, and why all the fuss? There is certainly an enormous amount of information available online (from Northwestern's Vesalius site to the National Library of Medicine's Vesalius site and their Dream Anatomy site to Wikipedia's entry). In 2001, the OHSU copy of the Fabrica was placed on exhibit in the Main Library; images of the brochure are included below. Two years earlier, library cataloger Janet Crum (now Head of Collection Management and Systems at the OHSU Library) had compiled the following list of resources for a presentation on "Vesalius and His Work." These say more about Vesalius than I ever could. Check some of them out for more information.

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Janet said...

Wow... my work lives on! I'd almost forgotten about the Vesalius project. I did all that for a presentation I gave to some middle school girls who spent a day with us. They went to all sorts of presentations all day long that showcased cutting-edge technology. Near the end of the day, we gave them each a pair of white gloves and let them turn the pages of the 1555 Fabrica, and I told them about the book and its famous author. At the end of the day, when they were asked what they remembered most, most of them mentioned their encounter with Renaissance anatomy. We err when we reserve primary sources for graduate students. Nothing makes history come alive so much as touching it.

Er, sorry for the novel. Your post brought back some cool memories. Thanks.