Thursday, December 20, 2007

Selling collection received

Today, we received a small collection of materials belonging to former University of Oregon Medical School faculty member Laurence Selling, M.D.

Selling, a Portland native, received his undergraduate education at Yale University and graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1908. Returning to Portland, he joined the faculty at UOMS and began a private practice. In 1921, he and three other colleagues joined together to establish the Portland Clinic. He served as chair of Medicine at UOMS from 1926 to 1947, and held a dual appointment as chair of the Division of Neurology from 1940 to 1947. In World War I, he served with distinction as neurologist for Base Hospital 46 and achieved the rank of major.

The collection received today includes various certificates, awards, and honors, as well as a few pieces of correspondence. Also included are the exams, handouts and lecture notes from the neurology course taught at UOMS by Selling in 1947, and several boxes of glass lantern slides that he used in his presentations.

In its new home here in Historical Collections & Archives, this collection will join other materials associated with Selling: patient records of the first 100 cases treated by Selling (Laurence Selling Records, Accession No. 2004-017); several artifacts previously owned by Selling (including his percussion hammers, spinal tap needles, spinal manometer, and other pieces); a couple of books donated by Selling for the History of Medicine Collection; and, of course, photographs (a handful of which have been digitized).

A nice Christmas gift for researchers! Happy holidays to all--I'll be back on Boxing Day.

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