Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Public health in Jackson County

Just about three months ago, I posted information on our Public Health Survey Records (Accession 2004-025), a collection of reports about public health services and statistics from cities and counties throughout the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday, in the course of shifting materials in the PNW Archives Collection to make room for new acquisitions, I came across an orphan from that same collection: Thelma Perozzi's Report of health conditions in Jackson County, Oregon, from 1933.

Organized in much the same way as the other surveys, Perozzi's report includes a brief history of Jackson County, an outline of the organization and administration of the local health department, vital statistics of the county population, and information on sanitation and community health services in the locality. Like the other reports, Perozzi's is illustrated with original photographs and supplemented with examples of blank forms. In the images shown here, we see the "interior of a dental room" in Ashland, OR (Figure 2) and the "community health house" in Berrydale, OR, a lumbering community near Medford (Figure 3).

Perozzi's Foreword is refreshingly honest: "The writer intends that this report be merely personal observations coupled with data, statistical and otherwise, and not a complete survey of all the health problems of Jackson County. The material which is not original can be detected easily, and the remaining charts and graphs have been made by the writer." Talk about an easy out for maintaining a lengthy list of notes and citations!

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