Monday, December 10, 2007

New web resources: lecture and exhibits

Announcing the availability of a few new links to online resources from Historical Collections & Archives:

The streaming video of the last History of Medicine Society Lecture is now available. In this presentation, Dr. Brion Benninger discusses the history of cranial nerve description and classification, and his own groundbreaking work in this area. Check our Lectures web page for information about the next lecture, coming up on January 18.

Many people are already aware of our popular Exhibits web site, which includes information about the current exhibit as well as exhibits we have mounted in the past. But now, there is another way to find information about some of our online exhibits: the directory of Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web, available from the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, has included listings for several of our web exhibits. Take a look, and check out the many wonderful exhibits being mounted on the web by our colleagues at libraries and archives across the nation and around the world. Enjoy!

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