Friday, November 30, 2007

TODAY: OHSU History of Medicine Society Lecture

Reminding our Portland area readers that today at noon Dr. Brion Benninger, M.D., will present his talk "Cranial Nerves: Chronological History and Current Controversies" in the Old Library Auditorium.

Benninger, professor in the OHSU School of Medicine Dept. of Surgery and the School of Dentistry's Departments of Oral Maxillary Facial Surgery and Integrative Biosciences, entered medical school in England with degrees in chemistry and exercise physiology. During his medical training he did residencies in orthopedics and trauma and became staff physician and lecturer of anatomy at Guys Hospital in London. He later received a MS degree in sports medicine from the University of Nottingham. With his training in sports medicine be became a physician to both professional and amateur athletes and was a member of the British Olympic Team of Physicians. While in the UK, Benninger invented the joint proprioception machine for upper limb.

Here at OHSU, he has helped develop the stroke rehabilitation machine at the Neurological Sciences Institute; organized and taught OHSU's first clinical anatomy course for undergraduates; and has won teaching excellence awards for the past six years. He is currently active in organizing the Oregon Anatomy Association.

His own groundbreaking work on cranial nerves is the subject of today's talk, along with an historical overview of cranial nerve description from Galen to the present day. Please join us!

A reminder for those outside of the Portland metro area: streaming video of today's talk will be available on our web site shortly after the event. Stay tuned for the posting of the link on our Lecture Series site.

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