Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm thankful for ... the J. Guy Strohm scrapbook

Hot off the presses in the archival sweatshop we run here in Historical Collections & Archives is the finding aid for a newly processed collection, the John Guy Strohm Scrapbook: Base Hospital 46, Accession No. 2004-026.

Dr. Strohm, known as J. Guy to virtually everyone one who knew him (and we who feel like we know him), was a cigar-chompin' soldier who climbed the Army ranks to colonel and headed up the all-volunteer Oregon unit, General Hospital 46, in World War II. In the first World War, he served with distinction in Oregon's 91st Division as division surgeon. Between the wars, he was on the faculty of the University of Oregon Medical School and headed up the Department of Urology.

The scrapbook in question is largely made up of newspaper clippings of a series called "The History of the Gallant 91st: a Narrative of the 'Wild West Division' Heavily Officered by Oregon Men, dedicated to the 2000 heroes who never returned," written for the Oregonian by William H. Johnston in 1926. In addition, correspondence, a booklet, a photograph, documents and other news clippings were laid into the scrapbook. Much of the correspondence is between Kenneth A.J. Mackenzie, UOMS Dean, and various others about the activities of the school and local physicians during the war years. The complete finding aid will be available on the Archives web page shortly.

For more information on the 91st, read the history by Alice Palmer Henderson or check out some online resources such as Wikipedia's entry. A wealth of materials pertaining to the Base Hospital 46 and General Hospital 46 are available in Historical Collections & Archives, including books, manuscripts, and photographs from those who served.

As we head into this Thanksgiving holiday, we thank all those who have contributed to the maintenance of the the American way of life, and to all those who have chronicled it. Thanks to the history makers and the history takers, without whom archives would be out of business!

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