Monday, November 19, 2007

F.A. Kiehle, ophthalmologist

Last week, we received a small donation of turn-of-the-century medical books from an alumnus of the University of Oregon Medical School Class of 1953. A few are very nice and may be kept for our collections, while a few are in very sad shape and will likely be recycled. Several of them (5 of 16) had ownership markings of Frederick A. Kiehle, M.D., local ophthalmologist and early member of the faculty here at the Medical School, from 1912-1945. A graduate of the medical school at the University of Minnesota, Kiehle practiced in Salt Lake City from 1902-1908, when he relocated to Portland. Aside from his work at the medical school and in private practice, Kiehle was also a director of the Portland Public Library Association and, further, he was instrumental in establishing special services for visually handicapped students in the Portland public schools.

In last week's donation, we received Kiehle's copies of The genuine works of Hippocrates, Osler's Aequanimitas, and Larsell's The Doctor in Oregon. The latter includes a presentation inscription from the author to Kiehle. A two-volume set of Cushing's Life of Osler bears a presentation inscription to Kiehle from Thomas Lamb Eliot, while a copy of the relatively scarce Refraction of the eye, its diagnosis and the correction of its errors by A. Stanford Morton has two manuscript letters from the author to Kiehle tipped in. Some of the other donated texts may also have belonged to Kiehle, though no evidence of that provenance survives within the volumes themselves. All in all, a nice little glimpse into the personal collection of an early Portland physician. Four titles already in the book collections here have Kiehle provenance.

Up in the archives, we have a collection of Kiehle's glass lantern slides, the Frederick Kiehle Slide Collection, Accession No. 2001-007. The guide and inventory for that collection are both available online from our web site.

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