Monday, October 22, 2007

Tantalizing tidbits, 'til transcript

We have now successfully recorded our 100th oral history interview!

And while we won't have an edited transcript of last Friday's interview with Dr. Frances Storrs available in the Main Library for several months, here are a few teasers to build anticipation in the meantime:
  • Her parents were strongly anti-Communist, and feared the advent of socialized medicine. When Kaiser opened a clinic in Spokane, Kaiser physicians were prevented from joining the local medical societies.
  • Storrs chose Carleton College for her undergraduate education. Her parents had told her she could go anywhere in the United States, except UW (too close to home), or Sarah Lawrence, Bennington, or Reed--because everyone knew those were Communist schools.
  • At Carleton, the female students had to wear skirts at all times. They could only wear pants if the temperature dipped below -35F (yes, that's negative 35 degrees). For a bit of fun rebellion, the girls would go naked to weekly chapel, wearing only their coats.
  • How did she happen to become the first female resident in dermatology at UOMS? Interviewing with chair Wally Lobitz, M.D., Storrs admitted she wasn't AOA in med school. Lobitz said, "Well, you're not AOA, but you've got a sparkle in your eye, so we'll take you."
As with the ninety-nine other interviews recorded for the OHSU Oral History Program, the transcript and tapes of the Storrs interview will be indexed, abstracted, and made available for circulation through the Main Library. You can browse a full list of interviews currently available by searching on OHSU Oral History in the library catalog. A complete Master Index of all processed interviews is also available on our web site.

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