Thursday, October 11, 2007

Putting the O in OHSU

OHSU has a strong commitment to outreach throughout the state of Oregon, in its educational programs, its clinical care, and its community involvement. Its statewide presence is reflected in our Historical Image Collection, which includes numerous Oregon Scenic Views. These images record state history as well as OHSU's role: geologic history (think Mt. St. Helens), climatologic history (magnolias blooming in April), agricultural history, urban development, et cetera. This collection of photographs has recently been enhanced by the addition of (more modern) state scenic views, provided courtesy University News & Publications. Below are a few which were processed today.

You can see more scenic views in the OHSU Digital Resources Library, especially the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest Collection and the Kent Anderson series of photos.

(Find out more about OHSU's activities in regional outreach, community service and education on the OHSU website.)

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