Thursday, October 04, 2007

Archival miscellany

Periodically, enough new finding aids in want of subject headings (in our case, MeSH terminology) accumulate in my folder that I am spurred to open it up and examine the contents. Since we've recently begun a project to get some of our legacy finding aids into the DACS format, these "new" finding aids are often for older collections -- but that doesn't mean they're not new to me (and you)!

Here are some gems from the latest batch (stay tuned for links to the full guides from our Archives page):

Portland Academy of Medicine Records, 2004-019
18 boxes – 9 linear feet; 1906 – 1961 (inclusive), 1925-1961 (bulk)
Modeled after the New York Academy of Medicine, the Portland Academy’s goals focused on the investigation and promotion of the science and art of medicine, and the creation and maintenance of a public medical library located at the University of Oregon Medical School (that's us!). In the 1940s, the Academy created the Medical Research Foundation. The notable things in this collection include a list of "potential members" as well as a list of "black balled members."

Clarice Ashworth Francone Medical Illustration Collection, 1999-002
10 boxes – 8.5 linear feet; 1936-1969 (inclusive)
Francone, described by one faculty member as "one of the last of the red hot mamas," was the university's medical illustrator from 1929 to 1969 -- and was for many of those years the only medical illustrator working in Oregon. The collection includes sketches, working files, and publications of this prolific artist. Before her death in 1981, Francone was invited to contribute examples of her work to the Archives of Medical Visual Resources at the Countway Library, Harvard University.

Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital and University State Tuberculosis Hospital Collection, 2000-001
2 boxes – 2 linear feet; 1920-1973 (inclusive), circa 1920 - 1960s (bulk)
People always ask us for patient records and records of procedures performed at hospitals not only in Portland but throughout the state. Well, we don't have much, but we do have this collection, which includes surgical logs, admissions records, and lots of photographs.

Southern Oregon Medical Association Records, 2004-012
2 boxes - 1 linear foot; 1892-1961 (inclusive)
The Southern Oregon Medical Society became the first district medical society in the state when it was established on May 16, 1892. The average attendance at meetings for the first ten years was from five to nine members, with two or four visiting doctors. By 1910 its members numbered fifty-five, and by 1940, eighty-six. In 1900, the Society took an active part in urging the organization of a State Board of Health, preparing resolutions according to the sentiments of physicians in southern Oregon. The minutes record the first annual meeting in 1894 to the seventieth annual meeting in 1961. The book also contains the members’ addresses, medical schools, graduation dates, and admission dates, and contains a name index of members, making this an absolute treasure trove of information about rural medicine in Oregon in the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

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