Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oral history milestone reached: 100 in 10

With the completion of one oral history interview last month, and the scheduling of two more interviews for next month, we have now officially reached--and quickly passed--the century mark for interviews!

Mary Brambilla McFarland, R.N., Ed.D., our number 99 in August, shared her experiences as one of the first clinical nurse specialists in the nation and talked about nursing research and distance education at the School of Nursing. Barbara Gaines, R.N., Ed.D., emeritus professor of nursing--and Oregon's fourth nurse-Ph.D. upon her arrival here in the 1960s--served as interviewer.

On October 19, Frances Storrs, M.D., will join interviewer Michelle Berlin, M.D., M.P.H., to talk about her career, the history of the dermatology department here at OHSU, her experiences as a female physician, and--hopefully--an incident at the Arlington Club that has ascended into legend. Dr. Storrs will be our lucky number 100!

And our number 101, Tyra T. Hutchens, M.D., will spend some time with Donald Houghton, M.D., on October 25, to share his reminiscences about the University of Oregon Medical School, the departments of pathology and radiology, and his pioneering work in nuclear medicine.

Our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to these three interviewees, and to all the others who have participated over the past ten years. They have helped make a significant contribution to the history of OHSU and the history of the health sciences.

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