Thursday, July 26, 2007

Notable name in nursing

Gale Storm Rankin, R.N.: clearly my favorite name in nursing (can't go wrong naming your children after meteorological events; just look at Rain Phoenix), and notable here at OHSU as well.

Rankin, a native of Klipsan Beach, WA, originally planned to become an elementary school teacher; to that end, she got a diploma from the Mount Angel Normal School in 1941. Her career plans were changed by the war, however, and she went on to receive her nursing diploma (1948) and a B.S. in "Teaching and Supervision" (1960) from the University of Oregon School of Nursing. She became Head Nurse at the Multnomah County Hospital in 1950, assistant director of nursing in 1954, and Director of Nursing Services in 1975. She served in that capacity through MCH's consolidation with the Medical School Hospital to form University Hospital (now called OHSU Hospital).

The year she was appointed Director at MCH, Rankin was also awarded Boss of the Year from the American Business Women's Association, Pacific Wonderland Chapter. On the nomination form, nurse Anna Fry wrote: "Mrs. Rankin's complete dedication to the welfare of patients has earned her the highest respect of not only her staff, but physicians, administrators, educators, and other community leaders." For all of her 33 years here at the University, she was a strong role model for all our healthcare providers.

And, lest you think her name gave her a tempestuous temper, consider that her dog was named Blue.

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