Monday, July 02, 2007

Noble instruments

Last week, we received from Tom Jones, grandson of Noble Wiley Jones, M.D., two sphygmomanometers formerly owned by the esteemed Dr. Jones. The two Baumanometers, one a Kompak Model and the other a Kit Bag Model, are both in remarkably good condition--the rubber of the tubing remains supple, and the cuffs hold air. They could both be used today to take blood pressures (and on busy days we may need to pull them down and use them, to remind ourselves to breathe deeply...)

Noble Wiley Jones, described by the Portland Clinic Stethoscope in 1967 as "physician, scholar, gentleman," was born in Wauseon, OH, in 1876 to physician Philo E. Jones and his wife Mary Eveline. He graduated from Stanford University in 1895 (with classmate and later President of the United States Herbert Hoover). His medical degree was granted by Rush Medical School in 1901, and he completed an internship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. There, he helped take care of 1000 patients afflicted with typhoid during the 1902 epidemic.

After almost two years of private practice in Wilmot, SD, Jones traveled to Vienna to study pathology at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus. Returning to the U.S. in 1906, Jones was encouraged by his colleagues Dr. Frank Billings and Dr. A.D. Bevan to take up residence in Portland, OR. He did so, becoming the first recognized internal medicine specialist in the city. In 1913, he opened a multispecialty group practice with Drs. R.C. Coffey, T.M. Joyce, and C.E. Sears. After World War I, the group splintered; Jones then went on to form the Portland Clinic in 1921 with Joyce, Frank Kistner, and Laurence Selling. He practiced until 1944, when he retired after nearly fifty years in practice. Always on the go, Jones took up golf at the age of 70; when he developed cataracts at 90, he switched to playing pool.

Noble Wiley Jones passed away in 1975 at the age of 98.

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