Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Annual accounting

Here at OHSU we run on a July-June fiscal year, so the first week of any July finds me compiling stats on whatever I can think to enumerate. The numbers from FY07, representing the period July 2006-June 2007, are encouraging: we're more popular now than ever! Some of our findings:

Reference Statistics, July 2006-June 2007
Number of unique patrons: 119
Research time, staff: 83 hours, 25 minutes
Supervision time: 46 hours, 35 minutes
Fees charged: $1178.00

(and for comparison)

Stats, July 2005-June 2006
Number of unique patrons: 108
Research time, staff: 63 hours, 35 minutes
Supervision time: 42 hours, 55 minutes
Fees charged: $617.20

Stats, July 2004-June 2005:
Number of unique patrons: 75
Research time, staff: 46 hours, 40 minutes
Supervision time: 118 hours, 30 minutes
Fees charged: $473.60

Conducted 2 interviews (Kathleen Potempa, Peter Kohler)
Processed and cataloged 3 interviews (Karen Whitaker-Knapp, Albert Starr, Kathleen Potempa)
Now receiving copies of all oral history interviews conducted for the joint OMA-OMEF-OHSU documentary project on the history of medicine in Oregon

Accessioned 15 collections into the Archives, including:
Peter O. Kohler Slide Collection (2006-010)
George Saslow Collection (2007-010)
School of Nursing Records (17 additional linear feet)

Received 30 donations of other materials for the collections, including:
Original artwork for an editorial cartoon on the tram which ran in the Portland Tribune on Sept. 11, 2001
More than fifty boxes of photographs and faculty files from University News & Publications
“Silver twinkie” song, written by OHSU staff member Richard Bruno and others, in honor of the tram (mp3 file)
Several books, including John Hunter’s Traité des maladies vénériennes (1787), Thomas Willis’ De anima brutorum (1672), Testut’s Anatomia umana (published in Torino, 1943-45); and the four-volume The world of Edward Hartley Angle, MD, DDS : his letters, accounts and patents (2007)
Two sphygmomanometers belonging to Dr. Noble Wiley Jones, early faculty member and co-founder of the Portland Clinic
Vanguard XR35 HiLight 35mm medical cine projector, ca. 1960
Began program to sell unwanted donated books of high value to rare book dealer Jeff Weber

Purchases for the historical collections included:
Glisson, Francis, 1597-1677. Tractatus de ventriculo et intestinis, 1677
Descartes, René, 1596-1650. Tractatus de homine, et de formatione foetus, 1677
Bert, Paul, 1833-1886. La pression barométrique : recherches de physiologie expérimentale, 1878
Contributions to the science of medicine, dedicated by his pupils to William Henry Welch on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his doctorate, 1900
Wilson, Samuel Alexander Kinnier (1878-1937). Neurology. Edited by A. Ninian Bruce, 1955.
Thoms, Herbert (1885-1972). Classical contributions to obstetrics and gynecology. With a foreword by Howard A. Kelly, 1935
Swank, Roy Laver. Collection of 23 articles from numerous medical publications.

Answered questions for 119 unique patrons from OHSU, around the nation, and overseas (up from 108 in FY06)

Mounted the highly successful exhibits “Through His Eyes: the World of Herbert Merton Greene” and “Return from Oblivion: Portland’s First Neurosurgeon A.J. McLean
Worked on the development of the OHSU Story Wall near the upper tram terminus in the Kohler Pavilion

Reinstituted walk-in hours for the History of Medicine Room (in abeyance since 2004)
Began blogging about the collections at Historical Notes from OHSU
Held an open house of the History of Medicine Room for the School of Medicine Alumni Association 1887 Society’s annual membership event
Presented several glass lantern slide shows to library staff using the 1920s Balopticon Projector donated in FY06

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