Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Historical interviews now available

We have just received from cataloging a set of video interviews exploring the history of the OHSU School of Medicine, originally created for the School's centennial in 1987. Available in DVD, VHS, and (for those tech museum folks out there!) U-Matic, the three-part series Centennial interview, 100 Years: Reflections includes:

Clinical services. Dr. Dan Labby (narrator/host) interviews Joe Paquet, Morton Goodman (1929 graduate), and William Cohen (1935 graduate) (recorded August 25, 1987) (34 min.). Clinical services interviews cover Dean Simeon E. Josephi, Dr. Howard E. "Hod" Lewis, Dr. E.E. Osgood, the Matsons, the People's Institute and Free Dispensary, the history of medicine, medical education, volunteer faculty, town-gown relations, the art of medicine, and physician-patient relations.

Administration. Dr. George Saslow (narrator/host) interviews Gwynn Brice Dockery, William Zimmerman (VP for Administration), Mary Goss (secretary to the Dean), and Joe Adams (VP, Planning & Resource Development) (recorded March 14, 1988) (30 min.). Administration interviews cover university funding, growth, town-gown relations, government relations, Dean D.W.E. Baird, and administration.

Research. Dr. Dan Labby (narrator/host) interviews Howard Mason and James Metcalfe (recorded March 31, 1988) (28 min.). Research interviews cover research at OHSU, town-gown relations, and medical education.

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