Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Digging for diet manuals

Some time ago, I received a call from a local colleague whose institution had been the beneficiary of a number of book donations containing older medical titles--titles which her institution had no interest whatever in keeping, or even really looking through. Graciously, she offered me access to these materials to see whether anything of note jumped out at me, offering to let me take whichever titles would find a welcoming home here at OHSU.

After some hours looking through the books, I selected 29 titles to bring back for our collections. The most unlikely acquisition I picked up in this way is available now in the PNW Archives Collection: Diet manual, University of Oregon Medical School Hospitals and Clinics (Portland, Or. : University of Oregon Medical School Hospitals and Clinics, [1959?]). Of all the things to come back around to us through a donation to a completely separate institution, I never would have imagined seeing this piece of ephemera--let alone seeing it, spiral bound, in fairly good condition.

Since the history of the dietetics internship program here is now well known to me (and to some of my more dedicated readers, from an earlier post), I actually gave a little gasp when I originally saw it. It takes its place with a handful of other diet manuals from the OHSU hospitals and clinics, those from 1970, 1975, and 1980. Who knows, maybe out there in someone's garage is a whole set of them, just waiting patiently for the chance event that will bring us back together again...

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