Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anatomy at the Bleeding Edge: exhibit goes online

Now available in the exhibits area of our website is the online component of "Anatomy at the Bleeding Edge," first mentioned in these pages June 1 when the physical component was installed in the Main Library lobby.

The virtual exhibit includes captions for each image shown--something the physical display actually lacks this time around. The theory of exhibits is a robust field, and certainly requires no elaboration from our small quarter; but I do personally find that variety is the spice of displays. So, after the "more-is-more" exhibit on McLean (which featured longer descriptive captions for exhibit pieces), it's nice to see the "less-is-more" approach taken here, with a single card in each case noting simply our responsibility for the display.

Images speak volumes, and a viewer's visceral reaction to an image without context can bring to light hidden prejudices or fears. And in an homage to a show like Body Worlds 3--well, visceral is the watchword!

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