Friday, May 25, 2007

Saslow papers to Historical Collections & Archives

We were truly honored today to receive from the OHSU Department of Psychiatry a donation of three document boxes of the papers of George Saslow, M.D., who died in September of last year at the age of 99. I couldn't resist taking a quick peek into the boxes before handing them off to our Archivist...

The boxes are primarily filled with offprints of articles written by Saslow, some with his longtime local collaborator Joseph D. Matarazzo, others with his early research colleague Eric Ponder. The earliest papers contained in this donation are two from 1929: "The measurement of the diameter of erythrocytes" (with Ponder, no indication of publisher) and "On the supposed partial liberation of haemoglobin from the mammalian erythrocyte" (solo authorship, Q J Exp Physiol, 29(4); 26 July 1929). Not quite what you'd expect from a psychiatrist, perhaps!

The collection also contains copies of invited talks given by Saslow, a small amount of correspondence, and some original research notes. There is a mimeographed copy of the Saslow Screening Inventory; papers running the gamut of psychiatric research, written by Saslow and others; and also a surprising bit of material on transsexualism and pseudohermaphroditism.

No article seems to have been overlooked: Saslow published "Some observations about personality development in college women" in the low-circulation Northwest College Personnel Association Newsletter in Winter 1960. It has been lovingly filed and kept with other groundbreaking work.

As the materials are arranged and described, more details will emerge. If you're interested in learning more about the collection or George Saslow, we'd love to hear from you--a request is just the sort of excuse we need to spend more time on this interesting set of papers!

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