Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More gems from recent donation

We haven't yet begun to really scratch the surface of the 42 boxes of material donated by University News & Publications a few weeks ago; no sense getting knee-deep into it until we resupply with some critically needed processing supplies. Today, however I did dig out the folders on former Medical School Dean Dr. David W.E. Baird, to have something to work through while listening to oral history interviews (ah! multitasking!).

Along with about a four-inch pile of glossy photos of Baird, colleagues, and community personages, the folders contained a memo from the Office of Public Affairs, dated August 13, 1962:
Notes gathered while accumulating background information for the profile on Dr. Baird which appeared in the June 1962 issue of WHAT'S GOING ON? The following anecdotes and rambling notations may be helpful at some future date when a new and more personal story of Dr. Baird is done.
Five typescript pages follow.

Also included is a copy of a letter to Baird from then Governor Mark Hatfield, dated April 19, 1965, on the occasion of Baird's acceptance of the Edith Knight Hill Award from the Salem Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi. It reads, in part:
The tribute you now receive comes not from the profession of which you are a member, nor a related one such as nursing, but from the keepers of the public conscience--the Fourth Estate.
Here are ladies who are steeped in the ability to analyze, to strip away the fluff, to appraise public service for its depth and scope. To be honored by them with the Edith Knight Hill award is an achievement of the highest order....
Nor has your lot been an easy one, taking an idea here and a thought there, and putting them over through quiet, persistent persuasion against supreme odds of opposition and lethargy. But goals too easily attained frequently fade with time. Yours is a lasting monument to faith, leadership, and a consuming concern with your fellow man.

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