Friday, May 04, 2007

Expected deliveries

Just because you know something is coming doesn't make it less exciting when it happens (are you with me, new parents?). Today we have received both the set of collected papers of E.H. Angle and the piece of equipment that was supposed to come yesterday. These two items represent the extreme ends of the donation spectrum around here (rare books to medical museum), and are both great additions to the collections.

The Angle set arrived in perfect condition from the Society, along with a reprint of Angle's "First edition" (1887) of his text, which the Society published a couple of years ago. It's been almost a year since we had an addition to the History of Dentistry Collection; hopefully this donation will be the catalyst for a renewed interest in the dental history materials.

The new equipment is a Vanguard XR-35 projector for 35mm films. It's a little frightening, to tell the truth: it has warning signs reading "Possible explosion hazard", "intense light hazard", and "serious burns or fire may result from close proximity to the area in front of the snood." Shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, though, right? This projector is actually very much appreciated--and needed, primarily to view all the 35mm films contained in the Melvin P. Judkins Collection.

We're becoming quite the little technology museum here, with our lantern slide projector, 35mm slide projector, audiocassette and videocassette tape players. Soon, we'll need to start consulting with a history of technology expert!

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