Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drowing in jewels

I spent 1.5 hours this morning emptying, boxing up, and depositing in the archives two file cabinets' worth--and the big file cabinets, which come up to my chin and are about three feet deep--of incredibly valuable material: faculty files compiled by University News & Publications and its predecessor units over the past several decades.

If you have seen the online inventory for our Biographical Files or had occasion to request information on an individual associated with OHSU, you already know that we have over thirty boxes of biographical information on faculty, staff, students, and other affiliated persons. Well, this donation just about doubles the size of that collection--and the UNP files contain not only biographical information, but news clippings, photographs, even offprints of research. Each school is represented, each department; there are files on deans, facilities staff--even librarians! In the rush of loading, I spied the names of most of our oral history interviewees along with Deans Baird and Boyle; pioneering medical men Selling, Dotter, and Lewis; surgeons Krippaehne, Fletcher, and Cobanoglu.

So, if you have had occasion to request information about an individual in the past, and are still interested in learning more, now is the time to ask again!

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