Friday, April 27, 2007

Hot off the new press!

At the second training session on our new scanner yesterday, one of the trainees had the presence of mind to bring a thumb drive (or, maybe I'm the only geezer left out there who doesn't always have one of these hanging from my neck...). The test scans from the training are now available to share with the world--except, they are WAY too huge to put up on the web for those of you out there who might be curious to see just what exactly the Indus can do. So, here's the image, but keep in mind that the original tiff file has been compressed into a jpeg and then the resolution bumped down from 400 dpi to 100 dpi. Nevertheless, I think the quality is impressive. This is a two-page spread from one of the many folio news clipping books we have here in the archives, which--being full of acidic paper and glue (which you can see in this scan!)--will go the way of the dodo very shortly without some major intervention. The books are one of the top priorities we've identified for digitization.

Of course, once we have the images, then we'll need an index to the contents. Ah, job security!

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Laura Zeigen said...

Yes - the quality of these images is impressive! I look forward to seeing what y'all are able to do with this new machine.