Thursday, April 19, 2007

Faculty wives and a well-dressed man

A day of odds and ends here, as so many of them are. Two tidbits on offer for readers:

One of our earliest collections (in processing years) got its own catalog record today, as I finished up the Medical Faculty Auxiliary Papers, Accession 1997-006. I'm not sure how to describe the finding aid for the collection: post-modern? minimalist? Greene-Meissnerly? There's an inventory, but no indication of boxes: how many, what's in each one--the pesky little details one looks for when attempting to retrieve materials. It had to have been a last-minute oversight, though, since the inventory and guide are otherwise quite informative and complete.

The Medical Faculty Auxiliary of the OHSU School of Medicine (formerly called the Faculty Wives' Club of the University of Oregon Medical School, now called the School of Medicine Alliance) was originally established in 1947, and the collection chronicles nearly all of the group's sixty-year history.

And while the early members of the club may have swapped fashion tips while they rehashed the latest best- and worst-dressed lists compiled by the notorious Mr. Blackwell, I was ready to swap authority control tips with our vendor after I noticed, with some surprise, that the OHSU Library owned a book by Mr. Blackwell. I took me longer than perhaps it should have to figure out that Richard Selzer (b. 1922) might have been a force in the world of fashion, but he probably wasn't an expert on surgical ethics--and that Richard Selzer (b. 1928) may or may not be a bad dresser, but he is most certainly the author of numerous works of both fiction and nonfiction on medicine and surgery. At least I did figure it out, which is more than I can say for the computer algorithm that changed the author name on our record for Mortal Lessons to the "correct" form!

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