Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Do you know these people?

OK readers--we need your help in identifying this photograph! A 1977 School of Medicine alumnus has sent this along to us, and we only have a small amount of information to go on in determining the identity of this group.

Our 1977 alum, Dr. CJ Hockett, is from a long line of OHSU grads: his grandfather CT Hockett graduated from Willamette University Medical School in 1904 and his uncle, Asahel J. Hockett, graduated from UOMS in 1929. The family had assumed that this photo, above, was Asahel's class picture--but in comparing it with the official Class of 1929 photo in our collections here, it became clear that this was not a picture of the full class.

The photo is similar to some early group portraits of medical fraternities that we have here, but the individuals are all wearing regalia, as if the photograph coincided with graduation from medical school.

Any ideas? We'd love to solve this mystery....

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Tiah said...

Sorry to say, I don't know. But I did want to comment on how glad I am to see you using your blog to identify photos! I hope you find the information you need.
Tiah Edmunson-Morton, OSU Archives