Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Inventories go online

Exciting news for researchers interested in our materials here in Historical Collections & Archives: two new inventories are now available on our website in PDF format!

Biographical Files:
The Biographical Files are what we call an artificial collection, something that we here have created to provide access to ephemeral materials by or about specific individuals. Folders contain from one to hundreds of pieces of information, drawn from newspapers, pamphlets, correspondence, et cetera. New folders are added fairly frequently for contemporary individuals not yet covered in the files, so we hope to update this web-based inventory periodically.

Subject Files: Another artificial collection, the Subject Files catch all those miscellaneous bits of information that seem important but don't really fit under a particular person. Many of these categories were established years ago, but new files are periodically created. Information on the tram, for instance, now fills four folders!

If you have any questions about the genesis of these collections or their contents, contact us at

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