Thursday, January 25, 2007

Story Wall opens

You heard it here first! (probably):

OHSU's Story Wall
has been installed on the ninth floor of the Kohler Pavilion, in the hallway leading from the tram terminus to the building exit onto Sam Jackson Park Road.

The Story Wall tells, well, the story of OHSU, from its inception in 1887 to the present. Using photographs (many from our collections here!), images of artifacts (all ours!), and text, the Wall charts the growth of the institution and its contributions to the community. (Caveat lector: some of the photo captions are slightly inaccurate; if you have any doubts or questions--or comments-- about what you see there, just send us a line at

So, on this misty morning, hop on over to KPV and check it out! And don't forget to head out onto the ninth floor terrace just next to the tram terminus: at the east end of the terrace, by the stairs heading down to the seventh floor terrace and the street below, there are two panoramic photographs showing the Portland riverfront circa 1920s and today.


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