Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Precipice in pictures

For those who have not visited the Story Wall yet, a visual teaser...

Today, working on another project, I had occasion again to utilize this image, one of the more stunning aerial views of campus from our Historical Image Collection. This shot, taken in the early 1920s, shows the first two buildings on the Marquam Hill campus: Multnomah County Hospital (right) and the Medical Science Building (left), which was later renamed Mackenzie Hall.

The sheer
walls of the surrounding canyons, heavily eroded, vividly illustrate the engineering challenges that were faced--and overcome--by the builders of our most recent buildings, such as the Biomedical Research Building and the Kohler Pavilion.

Small wonder that geologist Warren D. Smith delivered this opinion to Dean Dillehunt in 1931: "This is an engineering job from now on. The time to consult the geologist was before the Medical School was built and it is now like calling in the doctor after the appendix is broken."

So be it. But who better to look after a patient with a ruptured appendix than a medical school?

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