Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New year, new U

I suppose it's fitting that today, the start of a new year, I'm coming across images of another sort of change: the name switch from the mouth-filling University of Oregon Health Sciences Center (or, the equally challenging acronym UOHSC) to Oregon Health Sciences University (the original meaning of OHSU, before the merger with OGI added an ampersand to the mix).

We received a great shot of Mackenzie Hall in last week's donation from News & Publications that shows an innovative approach to the problem of having signage ready when you are: a lovely cloth banner was draped from the roof of Mac Hall to cover the (still-present!) words "University of Oregon Medical School."

In the Proof Collection, we have very artistic shots of the newly-branded badges that Security officers started carrying in 1981 after the change--certainly, one of the items most people wouldn't consider when making a name change, but one of the more important pieces to get right!

Of course, even if you don't change monikers, you can change your look--which OHSU did in the past few months with the unveiling of the new institutional logo. While you'll see the new flame throughout OHSU web site, you can still look in the Digital Resources Library for the retired image. Yes, Virginia, we do save everything!

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