Thursday, January 04, 2007

New exhibit now on display

As I hinted at on Friday last, we had a changing of the exhibits this week. As of yesterday afternoon, the new exhibit Hope Blooms Under a Benevolent Moon: Valentine Prichard and the People's Institute is now on display in the lobby of the Main Library here on Marquam Hill. For those who are in town and able to come in person, the physical exhibit will be up through the end of March. The exhibit, unlike the History of Medicine Room, is open evenings and weekends, whenever the Main Library is open--so come check it out!

For those of you who cannot make it up the Hill, the full text of the brochure, along with some of the images from the exhibit, will soon be available on our web site. (Or, for an even more abbreviated version, see the What's New article.)

The more we've learned about the history of the People's Institute--(which officially became affiliated with the then-University of Oregon Medical School in 1910, growing in time to become the OHSU Outpatient Clinic)--the more it appears that its history mirrors the ever-enduring missions of
OHSU: universal access to healthcare; community outreach; outstanding clinical education for students. The Institute espoused cutting-edge ideas about whole-body wellness, the same ideas now embodied in OHSU's new waterfront facility march wellness. Its involvement with the development of Portland's public parks was a foreshadowing of OHSU's recent activities in developing Marquam Hill nature trails and safeguarding green space by donating 45 acres to the city.

A cynic (and granted, I've been known to be one) might say that this is simply evidence that there's nothing new under the sun. I prefer to think that this is evidence of our auspicious beginnings, of our continued commitment to the principles laid out by the founders, and of our ability to continue to focus on the important things, even in the face of economic challenges and physical constraints. I hope I'm right!

I encourage you to look at the exhibit and judge for yourself. As an added bonus, note that the exhibit will be up for February 14--so come and get a Valentine!

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