Friday, January 19, 2007

Mix and match image donation

Today, we received a donation of five images from the Alumni Association of the OHSU School of Medicine. Interestingly enough, only two of them pertain specifically to the Medical School.

The first is a large format composite photograph of the Medical School Class of 1913. This fills in a gap in our holdings, which previously jumped from 1911 to 1914 (and here's my plea to those of you who might know where a 1912 class photo is hiding!). The Class of 1913 included one female, the very lovely Mary Leona Jacob, who stands out prominently in the upper row of student faces. A classmate of hers bears the now very familiar name of Rinehart: Harvey Earl Rinehart was one of the eighteen men in that particular class. The class photo also includes all the faculty, with S.E. Josephi and K.A.J. Mackenzie given prominence in placement and size of image.

The second Medical School-related image is an aerial of Marquam Hill, circa 1931, which shows Mackenzie Hall, Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children, Outpatient Clinic, Multnomah County Hospital and Multnomah Pavilion, as well as the Willamette waterfront and four of the city's bridges. Sharp contrast to the modern SoWa skyline!

We also received a large undated class photograph from North Pacific College, precursor to the OHSU School of Dentistry. This mystery will be tough to crack, since we have so few Dental School class pictures against which to compare this image; since none of the people in the photograph are identified, we can't even narrow it down by faculty tenures. In any case, definitely a great addition to our collection.

Lastly, we received two architectural drawings, floorplans for floors one and three of the new School of Nursing Building, dated 1989. This building serves as SoN's first true home of its own, after about eighty years of growth under the auspices of the Medical School. These floorplans nicely complement the print photographs of SoN construction we received from UNP last week. I love when it all fits together!

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