Thursday, December 07, 2006

Visitors, amusing and not

Going through the many folders of the Proof Collection of contact sheets with their associated negative strips, I see many images of campus visitors, from government figures (Ron Wyden) to local celebrities (Rose Festival Courts) to cartoon characters (Snoopy).

The sheets are filed differently (whether arbitrarily or not is something I haven't quite puzzled out yet), some being in with a topic (like pediatrics) or a place (Doernbecher). Today I made it to the folder actually labeled "Visitors/Tours." Inside, many of the images are identified by date only and show large groups of people walking through buildings, crossing campus, or watching lab technicians at work.

There are some photographs of single individuals of note who have graced our campus in the past. One is Caspar Weinberger. Another is Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Weinberger doesn't bring any funny stories to mind (my mind, at least), but I do have one about Koop, who is called "Chick" by his friends. In his oral history interview, pediatric surgeon and professor emeritus Jack Campbell, MD, relates this anecdote:

CAMPBELL: Funny incidents? Well, I guess I can’t remember too many of those. I know when Dr. Koop retired, we all went back to Philadelphia for his festschrift, and Barry O’Donnell, who was a pediatric surgeon at the Dublin Children’s Hospital and president of the British Association of Pediatric Surgeons, had come over to represent them at his retirement party.

Barry, by the way, has relatives down at Lakeview, Oregon. The O’Donnells in Lake County, Oregon, brought all the sheep over from Ireland for the big sheep enterprise down there.

Dr. Koop was Surgeon General at the time, and he had a long beard, and Barry said that whenever he looked at Chick, he reminded him of Moses; that he was just glad that God sent Moses to get the ten commandments, because if he’d have sent Chick he’d have come back with a hundred [laughter]. Because, you know, the Surgeon General said, “Don’t smoke, don’t do this, don’t do that.”

We could all benefit from more of Dr. Koop's advice! Check out his website, drkoop. com, for the latest dos and don'ts.

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