Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pictorial history

Today, just in time to be made available to a researcher working on the history of campus architecture, we received from OHSU News & Publications two document boxes filled with pictures of campus buildings and other architectural features. There are thirty-five folders, including prints, negatives, and slides, dating from the 1920s to the 1990s, of:

Basic Science Building
Baird Hall
Campus Services Building (which is the old TB Hospital)
Casey Eye Institute
Courtyard (also known as "Laster's Folly")
CROET addition
Dotter Institute
Emma Jones
Flame (when it used to be at the entrance to OHSU Hospital)
Gazebo (when it used to overlook the Willamette and Mt. Hood)
General Exteriors (labeled "with people" and "without people")
Hatfield Research Center
Mackenzie Hall
Outpatient Clinic
Parking, Employee (I'd like to be able to say "before it was a problem" but...)
Physicians' Pavilion
Research Building
Residence Hall (before it was "decommissioned" in 2003)
School of Dentistry
School of Nursing
Sports & Fitness Center
University Hospital
University Hospital North (what we still call Multnomah County Hospital)
VAMC Skybridge (including a stunning night shot with the lighted bridge)

Many of these images (probably the majority, although I haven't had time to make a complete survey yet) are completely new to our Historical Image Collection. We don't have Kohler Pavilion, the new Biomedical Research Building, or the Center for Health and Healing yet, but it's just a matter of time before we cajole, wheedle, or otherwise wrangle images out of a kindly donor's hands!

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