Monday, October 23, 2006

New faces, new places

Today, I have reached the end of the unprocessed glass lantern slides. Waiting at the end were, as always, the most unusual and the toughest to identify. One of the unusual ones is what must be a reproduction of a much larger printed mock-up or collage, labeled "Hospitals and Clinics Affiliated with the University of Oregon Medical School." The image is undated, but my guess would be early 1930s because the University-State Tuberculosis Hospital is not among the institutions pictured. The grouping includes some familiar names, and others wholly new to me:

Good Samaritan Hospital
Portland Free Dispensary
Albertina Kerr Nursery
Emanuel Hospital
Portland Medical & Surgical Hospital
South Portland Neighborhood House
Portland Eye-Ear-Nose-Throat Hospital
White Shield Home
Arieta Branch Library
Portland Sanatorium
St. Vincent Hospital
Isolation Hospital
Multnomah County Hospital

The Isolation Hospital was also familiarly known as the Pest House, and that's actually the name under which it was originally indexed in our Historical Image Collection. Many of these institutions have passed away into the realm of memory; luckily, several of our oral history interviewees have anecdotes about one or another of them (check out the Oral History Master Index, and search under hospital to get references.)

The Arieta Branch Library is an interesting one: I have emailed the Multnomah County Library System to see if they have more information on where that might have been located.

We tend to think only of the People's Institute and Portland Free Dispensary when considering the early community health outreach efforts here at the school; clearly, there is more research to be done into the extent of the school's presence in the neighborhoods of the Portland area!

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