Thursday, September 28, 2006

One hundred years hence

The recent flurry of research activity around graduates of the University of Oregon Medical School in the years 1894 and 1895 reminds me that the human curiosity is vast and that information is timeless--provided you preserve it.

What will researchers 110 or more years from now know about OHSU today? Well, since we don't have a mandate to receive administrative papers from OHSU departments and units, we need to work a little extra hard to be able to ensure some context for events. This week, I have printed onto acid free paper, sorted, and housed (among other things):
  • news reports on the lawsuit pending against the OHSU Fertility Clinic;
  • President Robertson's latest issue of his periodical bulletin Directline (OHSU only);
  • the small memorial notice of the death of Dr. George Saslow from the Dept. of Psychiatry's newsletter Sounding Board;
  • news reports of the latest research findings of Dr. Tomaz Beer and his group on treatments for prostate cancer, as well as by researchers at ONPRC on diet and pregnancy;
  • media announcement of the new nursing education program offered through the Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education (OCNE)
I think this was the first week in a long time that we didn't add to our file on the tram...

As always, we welcome donations of material related to OHSU or to the practice of the health sciences in the Pacific Northwest generally--we can't possibly gather it all ourselves!

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