Wednesday, September 20, 2006

North Pacific College

In answering a patron question today, I had an opportunity to look through issues of The Datter, the student newsletter from the North Pacific College, for the years 1922-1924. As many of you know, the North Pacific College was the precursor to our own OHSU School of Dentistry; a short history of the school and its many name changes (and you thought OHSU was bad!) can be found on the HC&A website.

The editorial in v.1, n.2 of The Datter (December 1922) notes that: "North Pacific has the third largest student body of any college in the state..." Fully equipped with an assortment of fraternities, organized sports, band and Glee Club, the College had nine departments (including Military Science and Tactics) and six additional units as well as an associated School of Pharmacy. During the session of 1921-1922, 715 students were in attendance.

In 1921, the College expanded into a newly constructed facility at the corner of East Sixth and Oregon Streets in Portland. A fantastic side benefit of this little foray into dental history was that the image of the new building published in the 1921 yearbook Dentalium jumped right off the page at me--another one of our unidentified photographs!

Just goes to prove the old (archival) adage: Access = preservation.


Anonymous said...

This is a very odd research question. I am unsure you would know this, although I have noted reference to “The Datter,” a student publication at North Pacific College.

This is from an October 2, 1939 Port Arthur News (Tx.), a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Cartoon.

Pictured, #12, with basketball, drawn by Chas. Burtis, uniform has "-WELL" partially shown on its left side (our right side as drawn):
"Johnny Burtis, Portland, Ore.
Scored 58 Points In A Single Game (Basketball)
N.P. College vs. M.W."

I am inquiring as to any knowledge of the above, or possible way to research it, as well as, if you could possibly know what school “M.W.” was/is?

This information would be added to the following database:

Thank you,
Paul Luchter
Amazing Sports Lists

Anonymous said...

as to above inquiry on Johnny Burtis, send reply to