Thursday, September 28, 2006

John Raaf Day

[This is a bit of a bonus posting, since I'm actually out of the office today. But I couldn't pass up this opportunity!]

, September 30, is the 16th annual John Raaf Day in the Department of Neurological Surgery here at OHSU. The annual lecture will this year be given by Dr. Edward R. Laws, Jr.--who will be actually giving two talks on management of malignant glioma and diagnosis and management of pituitary tumors.

Dr. John Raaf, whom the department website calls "the father of neurosurgery in Oregon," was actually the second trained neurosurgeon in the state, after the infamous Dr. A.J. McLean (see our earlier posts for more on McLean). There's no doubt that Raaf was a far more influential figure than McLean, and his accomplishments have had more far-reaching effects. When he passed away in 2000, the School published a rather lengthy obituary that can still be read in the news archive. Here, you'll read about the man and the doctor, the fisherman and boxer. But only in the Biographical Files here at HC&A will you learn that he and his wife spent their wedding day at the first annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery--and their 11th wedding anniversary at the same conference.

Behind every great man...

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