Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Canyon crossing

I am in the process of loading some new pictures into the OHSU Digital Resources Library (DRL), where we store and provide access to our digitized images, streaming video, and other electronic files. One of the photos I happen to be loading today is an aerial view of campus taken in the 1950s which shows the old wooden bridge that used to provide a shortcut for pedestrians across the canyon between Mac Hall and the TB Hospital. The best shot of this bridge that I have seen so far is already in the DRL here--and it looks as rickety as people say it was! As part of the Oral History Project, School of Nursing alumna Bernice Cochran and her friend Martha Watson were reminiscing about rotations from Multnomah County Hospital over to the TB Hospital, and recalled:

COCHRAN: We had six weeks there. And by then they were doing these horrible surgeries for pneumonectomies, and so on, but they were a horrible, horrible type of surgery. But thank God they're not doing it now. But we had to come across that bridge at 11:30.
WATSON: A swinging bridge.
WEIMER: A swinging bridge?
COCHRAN: It swang, believe me, because we ran. We had to come from over there, over to Emma Jones at night.

Makes you a little nostalgic for the good old days, before concrete, doesn't it?

We have many, many aerial shots of campus in the Historical Image Collection, some of which were made into a very cool little animation showing the growth of campus over time, from the 1920s to the present, by our Web Manager Laura Zeigen.

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