Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to school, and a teaser

Kids everywhere go back to school after the Labor Day holiday. The shortening days, cooler air, and falling leaves make some people nostalgic for the old school days.

In 1887, it wasn't until October 5th that the first group of students at University of Oregon Medical Department (the original name, about five iterations back) were expected to show up for classes. You can get an idea of what they looked like by checking out the Class of 1889-90 photograph. Before that day, they had to make sure they met all requirements for admission, including "satisfactory evidence of knowledge of the common English branches," "a degree in arts or sciences or ... a certificate from a high school or other institution in good standing," and, of course, "payment of the matriculation fee" (which was $5.00, but there was an additional fee of $120.00 to get into the full course of lectures).

What did they study? You can see for yourself by checking out our First Class Collection, housed in the History of Medicine Room. If you can't come to the Room, you can still see the books included by looking in the library's catalog.

days of yore always seem to be simpler times, but how would you have fared dissecting bodies with 19th century tools--not to mention 19th century embalming techniques!

TEASER: Check in with us on Monday for the thrilling conclusion to the search for information about the Richfield sign. Seems we weren't the only ones wondering about that landmark lately!

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