Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Home visit fees

Once an archival collection is processed and a guide is written, I can create a record for it in the library's catalog. In creating the record for Archives 2005-023, Doctor's Home Visit Ledger Records, I got chance to read through the list of "Terms used for visit" and "Terms used for form of payment." Here are a few of my favorites:

Reasons for visit:

To call children
Work on face
To visit med. sow (was this a sick pig?)

Forms of payment:

By one dozen peaches
Brick and mortar
Horse hire

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Karen Peterson said...

This is one of my favorite collections. It was really fun documenting the Reasons for visits and Forms of payments recorded during 1904-1907. There are those that are mpossible to understand. But regardless, it appears that F. M. Bell, M.D. was a very generous and forgiving physician. At times he simply discarded the fees or he accepted whatever was offered.
I have a few favorites of my own:

Reasons for visit:
To pres.-self
To pres. Ex-Self
To visit sow elbow

Forms of payment:
Brot food
Bixley said he paid
By woods 5 cords

Oh, that we could pay our doctors bills by fixing a door or sewing a hem!